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Dive into the vibrant world of tropical fish at Aqualand Pets Plus, your go-to destination for aquatic marvels. Located at 3600 6th Ave, our store boasts an extensive selection of tropical fish, perfect for enhancing your aquarium:

  • Rams: Colorful and peaceful, ideal for community tanks.

  • African Cichlids: Diverse and vibrant, known for their dynamic behaviors.

  • Glofish: Genetically modified for a fluorescent glow, adding a splash of color to your tank.

  • Guppies: Hardy and lively, with endless color variations.

  • Mollies: Adaptable and friendly, available in several colors.

As passionate hobbyists with unmatched experience, we're proud to be the longest-standing pet store in the area. Contact us for a FREE consultation and let us help you find your next aquatic companion.

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