Aqualand Pets Plus: The Pet Shop for Biology and Fish Tank Enthusiasts

Aqualand Pets Plus is more than just a pet shop. It's a community of biology and fish tank enthusiasts with over 100 years of experience who share their passion and knowledge for all kinds of animals, especially reptiles, fish, and small mammals. Whether looking for a new pet, a tank upgrade, or expert advice, Aqualand Pets Plus is the place to go.

Our Editorial History

Aqualand Pets Plus was established in 1972 by friends who loved biology and fish tanks. They started as a small hobby store, selling tropical fish and aquarium supplies.

Over the years, they expanded their inventory and services to include reptiles, birds, hamsters, guinea pigs, bunny rabbits, rats, and mice.

They also hired staff who were experts in animal care and maintenance and who could offer friendly and helpful guidance to customers with their more than 100 years of extensive experience.

Our Services

Aqualand Pets Plus is a full-service pet shop that offers a wide range of products and services for your furry, scaly, or feathered friends. Some of our services include:

Pet Shop: We have many healthy and happy pets for you, including reptiles, tropical fish, birds, hamsters, guinea pigs, bunny rabbits, rats, and mice.

Reptiles: We are the reptile specialists in town, with various snakes, lizards, turtles, and tortoises for sale. We also have live and frozen feeders, such as crickets, worms, mice, and rats. We can help you set up and maintain your reptile habitat and provide tips and tricks on caring for your cold-blooded companions.

Tropical Fish: We have a stunning collection of freshwater and saltwater fish, corals, invertebrates, and plants. We can help you design and install your dream aquarium and provide the best equipment and products to keep your aquatic ecosystem healthy and beautiful. We also offer water testing, tank cleaning, and fish health services.

Birds: We have a variety of birds for sale, such as parrots, cockatiels, budgies, canaries, finches, and more. We can also help you train and socialize your birds and provide you with information on their behavior and needs and supplements to keep your feathered friends happy and healthy.

Hamsters, Guinea Pigs, Bunny Rabbits, Rats, and Mice: We have a cute and cuddly assortment of small animals for sale, such as hamsters, guinea pigs, bunny rabbits, rats, and mice. We can help you choose the right pet for your lifestyle and personality and advise you on handling and caring for your small animals.

Our Specialties

At Aqualand Pets Plus, we are passionate about reptiles, fish, and small animals. These are our specialties; we have the knowledge and experience to help you enjoy these fantastic creatures. Some of the reasons why you should choose us for your reptile, fish, and small animal needs are:

Reptiles: We have a large and diverse selection of reptiles, from the common to the exotic. We have the expertise to help you choose the right reptile for your skill level and preference and guide you through setting up and maintaining your reptile habitat.

We also have the resources to help you deal with any issues or challenges that may arise, such as feeding, shedding, breeding, or health problems.

Fish: We have a stunning and colorful selection of fish, from fresh to saltwater. We have the experience to help you create and manage your ideal aquarium and recommend the best fish, plants, and invertebrates for your tank.

We also guide you with the tools to help you monitor and improve your water quality and diagnose and treat fish diseases or parasites.

Small Animals: We have a cute and friendly selection of small animals, from the hamsters to the mice. We know how to help you select the perfect pet for your family and home and how to educate you on the proper care and handling of your small animal.

We will also guide you with the products to help you provide your pet with a comfortable and stimulating environment and to prevent or treat any health issues or injuries.

Our Associations

Aqualand Pets Plus is a proud member of the National Federation of Independent Business (NFIB), the leading small business association in the country. We support the NFIB's mission to promote and protect small business owners' rights and advocate for policies that benefit the small business community. We also participate in the NFIB's events and programs, such as networking, education, and research.

Our Mission

Our mission at Aqualand Pets Plus is to provide you with the best products and services for your reptile, fish, and small animal needs. We are committed to delivering quality, value, and satisfaction to our customers and fostering a biology and fish tank enthusiast community. We are passionate about what we do, and we hope to share that passion with you.

Our Team

Aqualand Pets Plus is run by a dedicated, experienced staff with advanced degrees in biology, zoology, and marine biology.. They are always ready to assist you with your pet's needs and answer your questions. Here are some of our team members:

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