Image Credit

Welcome to Aqualand Pets Plus. This section provides acknowledgment and credit for the images used throughout our website.

We believe in respecting copyright and intellectual property rights and aim to ensure all images are used fairly and by legal and ethical standards.


Images play a crucial role in enhancing the user experience on our website, offering visual representation and aiding in the communication of our content. They include photographs, illustrations, and graphics.

Sources Of Images

Our images come from various sources:

  • Original Content: Images captured or created by Aqualand Pets Plus team members or contributors specifically for our website.
  • Licensed Images: Images acquired through reputable stock photo agencies with appropriate licensing for use.
  • Creative Commons Images: Images used under Creative Commons licenses, which are properly attributed according to the license requirements.
  • Public Domain Images: Images that have been identified as being in the public domain and are free of any copyright restrictions.

Image Credits

For images not owned by Aqualand Pets Plus, we provide credit as follows:

  • Name of the creator or copyright owner
  • Source of the image
  • License under which the image is used (if applicable)

Permission And Licensing

We ensure that all images used on our site are either owned by us, licensed to us, or used in compliance with applicable copyright laws.

We respect the copyright of image creators and strive to use images either by direct permission or by adhering to licensing agreements.

Requests For Image Removal

If you are a copyright owner and believe that your image is being used on our website without permission, please contact us. We take copyright concerns seriously and will address any issues promptly.


Aqualand Pets Plus acknowledges the talented photographers and artists whose work enhances our website. We are committed to using images responsibly and with respect for the creative work involved.