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Bachelor's in Marine Biology and Biological Oceanography

Conrad Rubin

Conrad R. is a qualified marine biologist and accomplished writer. He holds a bachelor's degree in marine biology from the renowned University of Algarve. He specialized in the ecology and conservation of marine ecosystems. He has a deep passion for the ocean and its life. He has participated in many research projects and expeditions around the world.


He has excellent skills in both science and communication. He can write and draw well and can simplify complex marine science concepts. He is a meticulous and innovative professional who can write about various topics in marine biology and more.

He also has a keen interest in teaching others. He is a certified mentor who has delivered courses and workshops on marine biology, writing, and drawing. He is also a recognized mentor who has supported students and writers with their studies and careers. Conrad R. takes pride in sharing his expertise and skills and helping create engaging and accurate content about marine biology.