Aqualand Q&As August, 2014


We don't ship critters or live fish.
When writing us, include your location.


I lost control of my computer for the last couple of months.  There will be no Q&As for those months.  LA


Daryl Peavy, August 1, 2014
Greetings, Im interested in ordering the electric catfish malapterurus electricus. Do you have these in stock? If not, do you expect a shipment?
I called earlier today but I had a bad connections. Thanks


A:  We had two of these little guys (2 inches) this morning (August 9).  Call 283-0300 to find out their price.  LA
  We do not ship.

Evan Ho, Portland, OR, August 2, 2014
Hi I Love your site. When I was browsing across the headstanders page, I saw the glass head stander. I thought it was a payara at first, but now I am aware of what this is. Now I want to know are they sold in Portland Oregon? If not, am I able to ask to ship one to my home?

Three-inch charax that killed an equal size freshwater barracuda.

A:  I couldn't say if you can find one in Portland.  I'd classify these guys as hard to find.  We do not have any currently and we do not ship.  LA

September, IA, August 4, 2014
Hi, We have a 6 year old female African Clawed Frog that we are no longer able to take care of. She is healthy. Does your store by any chance take such pets in for resale? We are in Des Moines. Let me know, thanks!


A:  Sorry for the slow reply.  Phones are faster.  We'll trade her or him in for store credit.  LA

Gabriel Luke Lazarus, Kuala Langat, Malaysia, August 4, 2014
Hi , good morning I was wondering why your page has almost nothing on saltwater fish ? Is it possible that you add a column about it as you guys do a really good job and I would love some good information about the subject .Thanks and cheers

A:  Thanks for the kudos.  However, I'm out of saltwater.  I have plenty of trouble keeping up with the other stuff.  LA

Gabriel Luke Lazarus, Kuala Langat, Malaysia, August 5, 2014
Just for your info Osphronemus  these fish are sometimes fed fresh spinach and cucumber ..... some are more carnivorous ... though they eat  vegies their whole lives, they will grow perfectly large 18 inches or more though  vegies are a bit messy and you have to start them young .Good job on the site thanks


A:  Thanks for your input.  LA

August 6, 2014
Hi, my name is Andrew and i live in Ankeny, IA. I have two pet corn snakes that I have had for approximately 2 years. They are about 4 feet in length. One is a female and the other is a male. They are both healthy and I no longer have the necessary means to take care of them. I was wondering if you would be able to purchase them off of me along with a 20 gallon tank that I have them in. If you could please reply ASAP that would be great thank you. 

3-foot "candy cane" corn snake.

A:  Call Mike @ 283-0300 most afternoons.  He's our designated used snake wrangler.  LA

Eric Crouch, Ankeny, IA, August 9, 2014.
Dear Larry,  It has been sooo long.  I see youíre still going.
Well, I thought Iíd give you a tip for dealing with waspfish stings; you can pass this one on to your customers (you probably will still want to tell stonefish customers who get stung to head for the hospital, however).  Immediately upon being stung, a person should immerse the affected body part in hot (to the touch - about 115 degrees F.) water and keep it there for around 15 minutes.  This temperature will denature the proteins comprising the venom.  The quicker the victim (or a helper) acts, the better.  It works very well, as I can attest.  I had a dwarf lionfish deliberately swim across a 20gal.-long tank and drive itís dorsal spines into my finger when I was working for Scott Sandahl at Seascrapes in the mid-90ís.  I never knew a finger could hurt that much!!!  Fortunately, while I was trying to run cold water over it to try to slow the poison down, Mark Cunningham (remember the red-headed teenager we had working at Aqualand at the old location in 1980?), who was my co-worker at Seascrapes, grabbed a book by Tetra, which said to immerse the affected area in the hottest water one could tolerate (Iíve since learned the appropriate temperature), and he gave me his cup of coffee.  It worked like a charm!
Anyway, I thought Iíd share that with you.  Take care.
(P.S. Whatever happened to my brackish water fact sheet?  I see you have Brackish sheets I-V, but nothing downloads when I try to do so, just empty spaceÖ)

A:  Thanks for both your infos, dude.  Oh, and for the report that proves you're still alive.  I've informed your fellow co-workers (Notice that I didn't say coworkers?)  I can't figure out why I-V has not loaded up.  I've re-sent it four times this am.  It's on my computer but not on the published website.  I'm still working on it.  LA

Kasie Mesch, Cedar Rapids, IA, August 13, 3014
Do you guys by chance sell rats in bulk? Or know who would?

A:  I'm not sure what you mean by "in bulk."  Call me @ 515 283-0300 any day before noon.  LA






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